How to stay organised and learn!

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything (guess I should be more organised – haha, kidding!).

Nowadays staying organised and driven with motivation can seem like a constant struggle. The influence of social media and just the way our generation has embraced new technology makes it challenging to stick to the old school ways of learning. Whilst the most optimal option would be to change the way the current school system is set out, we all know that realistically speaking it can’t be changed overnight. Our best bet is to just work with what we’ve got – and try to use the technology we have to aid us rather than distract us.

  • For me, personally sitting down in one specific place and working over a long period of time isn’t generally an issue, however, surprisingly the surroundings that I work in tend to play a key role in how well I work.  This changes from person to person. You may work better when there are a few people around you (all studying of course) or by yourself in a quiet room. Sometimes it depends on wbrainflowershat mood you’re in.
  • Having a friend from each class helps heaps – when you hang around specifically from a class that you both have in common, your conversation tends to gravitate towards the homework and general struggles that you may have – and this is great! I once had a friend in my Biology class – who would simply always ask if we had Biology homework every single time she saw me – and this prompted me to always remember and keep on top of my homework.
  • Be prepared to share your knowledge and wisdom. You may be one of those lucky people that tend to understand a concept in a short amount of time. Be willing to help out a friend that might struggle. It makes you feel good, and you’re reaffirming your own understanding (one can never simply do too much revision.)
  • The most common tip on the internet for organisation involves and revolves around planning and to-do list, while I use these tricks in my own study I have realised that it may simply be a way of procrastinating – you would know what I am talking about if you spend way too long deciding on a colour code (key) for your planner or what highlighters to use for your to-do lists. Don’t waste your time planningwhen you could be doing these things in the time your are planning them – surely you don’t have to remind yourself of every single task.
  • Prioritise  – everyone works differently (as I have established on many occasions), this means that what you would find important may not be another’s priority. My general aim in anything is to get the easier things done first – that way I know that I have time to spend on the more challenging and time consuming tasks. This may not be the most common way to go about it, but for me, this is my standard approach. Knowing that all the petty, little bits of work are out of the way gives me the liberty to focus solely on the more cumbersome and elaborative work.
  • If you are in a flurry with social media – meaning that its taking over your life and eating away at all your time – JUST GET RID OF IT. I’m sure a sibling or friend could do your streaks on snapchat and you can post a photo on insta once in a while – but don’t be stuck in a void where there is no escape. When you do realise it (which you will eventually because trust me I’ve been there and it ain’t pretty), you might be too late to change anything about the time you have wasted.

So that’s that! Good Luck with your studies and be a pleasant human being!

Till next time!




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