The Perfect Balance

In our day and age finding the perfect balance is like trying to watch only one video on youtube at a given time (impossible!), therefore searching for those little things that drag you back to reality and whats really important is crucial. I may not be the best person to advice you on this – but I know for a fact that if you’re putting something off – i.e. homework or some uninteresting, pending or time consuming task – you will most likely not get it done if you don’t drop everything you’re doing and just get right to it.

Sometimes when I get home from a long day of school – I sort of just sit there, either in front of my laptop or phone and watch or browse content that would have no immediate or dramatic impact on my life. Whilst this is taking place, my list of things to do just keeps building up. Now if I really think about it, and take a few minutes to settle down and complete the small tasks as soon as I got home, I would actually have some spare time to spend on youtube or netflix or instagram or whatever thats trendy – but no – I wait until this massive wave of anxiety hits me saying “I actually need to get this done”. Not only is this viscous cycle unhealthy, it would also result in me handing in a poorly written / partially completed assignment that could have been done so much better if I hadn’t been incredibly ignorant about it earlier.

The funny thing is, as I write this, the guilt just builds up, I’ve done this way too many times – but I guess majority of us do this – which is why I’m writing this. It’s okay. There’s nothing you can do about the time you’ve wasted, move on and work better so as to actually make time for everything. The only way you can find a perfect balance is to understand that there is no such thing as perfect balance. Its impossible to manage everything perfectly, we are human, but, we are also clever and intelligent. The decisions we make will eventually impact the short term and more permanent outcomes of our lives.

The trick is to do your work – it might seem boring and pathetic at that given moment, but it will pay off. You will actually feel like you earned that free time and it will be spent in a more rewarding manner.

This is a really tough topic to talk about – everyone is different – some are more social that others – some aren’t, some spend their free time reading, others watching stuff, others baking. One thing is clear though, no matter how many plans or timetables you make, there are going to be those days where you just have to go easy on yourself – but don’t make that an excuse to spend each day leisurely. Just do what you have to do. When you feel yourself drifting off into an oblivious mess – question yourself – ask yourself whether what you’re doing is going to help you or whether its taking up some of those precious hours that could be spent on something that actually counts.

The key message here is said best by (ironically) one of the most successful brands on the planet right now – NIKE – their motto is simple – Just Do It – and honestly its that simple if you look at it from a different point of view.

Bye for now 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Balance

  1. I think we are all victims of procrastination at one time or another, to varying degrees.

    My grandmother had a saying (one of many) positive thoughts follow positive actions. Once you take a positive action, more follow, and positive thoughts come as a result. “Just do it,” has a more punchy feel. But the prevailing sentiment is the same.

    Great advice. But don’t underestimate the power of zoning out to recharge either!

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