Music While Studying!

Studying can get boring, and the way I tend to spice up the dreadful, long hours is by listening to music! Interestingly, my choice of music varies depending on the time of day, where I am, what I’m doing and that sort of thing.

In order to help you get through your studying process, I’ve compiled a few playlists (linked below):

As I am only studying maths this year, I find it alright to listen to music with lyrics or without them. However, I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, so I’ve divided my list into two; music with and without lyrics:

Without Lyrics: Some of these pieces are short, so I just add them to a pre-existing playlist – so feel free to add them to yours after listening to them.

  1. Anything by Olafur Arnalds is great for studying – his music is breathtaking and is very soulful!
    • Vevo Playlist – P.S. His pieces are featured in Broadchurch (one of my favourite TV Shows of all time)
  2. The Narnia Soundtrack – simply put, its amazing! There is a mix of both loud and soft tones – perfect to balance out studying. Click here for the link to the playlist
  3. Piano Novel (this is the link to the youtube channel – however there is a Spotify playlist as well!)
  4. Nuvole Bianche – amazing piece!
  5. Moonlight Sonata – Extended version – Is any study playlist complete without it?
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean – One Day by Hans Zimmer (this is short, so add to a playlist that you already have)

With Lyrics: Depending on what type of Genre I prefer at that moment:

  1. Calming, relaxing music (not too lyrical)
    1. Power of Love – Cover by Gabrielle Aplin
    2. Kill Em With Kindness – Acoustic
    3. Hold On – Selena Gomez, Ben Kweller
    4. Safe and Sound 
    5. The Hanging Tree 
  2. Rock/ fast paced:
    1. Anything by the X Ambassadors 
    2. Kaleo
    3. Run boy Run – WoodKid and others by them
  3. Pop songs – there’s way more than this, these are just a few, I might even keep updating this as I go 🙂
    1. Sarah Close
    2. Waterfall SIA
    3. It ain’t me – Selena Gomez, Kygo
    4. Someone Like you – Hobbie Stuart (and other covers by him)

Feel Free to leave a comment with your favourite tunes!

Best Wishes!


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